Workshop on Cryogenic Engineering - 2

Dr Peter Taborek

Professor  Department of Physics & Astronomy

University of California, Irvine

•Cryogenics are crucial in many basic physics, such as quantum mechanics superconductivity, superfluidity and application like quantum computing and natural phenomena like neutron stars and pulsars. The course will provide the basic underlying low-temperature physics, then proceed to consider applications to physical sciences and latest areas of interest.  Some of the topics will include:
o Review of the basics of quantum statistical mechanics
o History of the discovery of superconductivity and superfluidity
o Vacuum technology and thermometry at extremely low temperatures
o Phase diagram of Helium-4 and Helium-3 and its mixtures
o Low-temperature refrigeration cycles
o Bose-Einstein condensates
o Superfluid dynamics and the Landau two-fluid model
o Wetting of liquid helium

o Laser-cooling of gases


•In this Second Lecture Peter will focus on the difference between bosons and fermions, Bose-Einstein condensates and their significance for the discovery of Superconductivity in the framework for quantum hydrodynamics.

Event Quick Information

19 Mar, 2023
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Building 9 - Lecture Hall 2325