A world of 8 billion: Embracing the future

On November 15, planet Earth hit 8 billion inhabitants, posing challenges never faced before. Will the world population grow indefinitely? Hans Rosling, a former professor of international health at Karolinska Institute, uses statistics to explain why the total human population will never reach 11 billion.

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Physical Science and Engineering Division


Our mission at the KAUST Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division is to push the boundaries of the scientific understanding of the most pressing challenges faced by society and to translate this scientific knowledge into new technologies critical to future generations.

With a strong footprint in the field of Energy, Environment, and Sustainability, our research and translational activities support the four priorities in Research, Development, and Innovation (RDIs) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Health and Wellness,  Sustainable Environment and Supply of Essential Needs, Energy, and Industrial Leadership; and Economies of the Future.

Each day, the division’s creative, diverse, and dynamic research groups utilize KAUST’s cutting-edge resources to push the boundaries of their chosen fields.

The division offers seven academic programs, including Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Science and Engineering, Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

I invite you, my fellow science devotees, to take the time to explore our website to learn more about our goals, programs, groundbreaking research, and our world-renowned faculty.  
Gilles Lubineau, Interim Dean, Physical Science and Engineering Division

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​​Graduate Programs

Surrounded by cutting-edge facilities and an unparalleled environment to explore the leading edge of science, our students can conduct research in the absolute confidence that our faculty and staff members will fully support them as they pursue careers in science, industry, and academia.
The PSE Division currently offers seven-degree granting programs. Under the guidance of their expert advisors, our students can choose courses and design research projects that best suit their individual goals. Each program offers a combination of lectures, seminars, and laboratory classes. All of our students are expected to conduct independent research. 
Our students also enjoy a world-class campus, an engaging range of extracurricular activities and an array of opportunities provided by KAUST's fifteen academic programs, three divisions, and multitude of industrial partners.
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