Particulate emissions: exhaust, non-exhaust, and mitigation

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar

Speaker: Professor Felix Leach, University of Oxford.

Particulate matter (PM) is the most harmful pollutant emission to human health from internal combustion engines.  Historically PM emissions have been a topic of concern from diesel engine exhaust.  Diesel particulate filters have been successful in remediating PM emissions from diesels, but the increase in gasoline direct injection engines has given rise to a new source of PM.  However, other sources on the vehicle such as tyres, brakes, and road wear now dominate PM from vehicles, but legislation hasn’t caught up with this.  In addition, in cities road transport is often a minority source of PM emissions overall, with sources such as solid fuel combustion and industry playing a significant role.  With today’s very clean vehicles, could the internal combustion engine even play a role in cleaning up these other sources?



Felix Leach is Associate Professor at the University of Oxford. He researches emissions and efficiency in thermal propulsion systems as well as air quality. Felix is the author of the award-winning SAE book “Racing Toward Zero” about decarbonizing transportation rapidly. 


Professor Felix Leach

Event Quick Information

21 Nov, 2022
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
KAUST, Bldg. 9, Level 2, Lecture Hall 2