Prof. Husam N. Alshareef and Prof. Mario Lanza elevated to IEEE Fellows

22 November, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) plays a crucial role in recognizing and celebrating its members' outstanding contributions. This year, we are delighted to extend our congratulations to two faculty of the Physical Science and Engineering Division of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Professor Husam N. Alshareef and Professor Mario Lanza on being elevated to the rank of IEEE Fellows.

The IEEE Fellow Committee, through a meticulous evaluation process, annually identifies a select group of individuals for elevation to IEEE Fellow. This distinction is a mark of recognition for those who have significantly had an impact in their field.

Husam Alshareef, professor of material science and engineering and PI of the Functional Nanomaterials & Devices research group, was elevated to the level of IEEE Fellow for his accomplishments in the development of nanoscale materials for device applications (including thin-film electronics, nanoelectronics, microcapacitors, and wearable sensors).  While at Texas Instruments, Inc. he deployed several processes in volume production which are still running today.

Mario Lanza, associate professor of material science and engineering is PI of a research group focusing on enhancing the performance of silicon microchips and other integrated circuits by using two-dimensional (2D) layered materials, which have outstanding electronic, thermal, physical, chemical and optical properties. Lanza was elevated to IEEE Fellow for his contributions to nanoelectronics metrology of ultra-scaled materials and devices.

One remarkable aspect of Professor Lanza’s achievement is that he receives this distinction at an exceptionally early age, and he is the only associate professor in the history of KAUST to receive the IEEE Fellow designation. Professor Lanza’s achievement reflects his individual prowess and underscores the supportive academic culture at KAUST, fostering excellence at every career stage.

As of 1 January 2024, Professor Alshareef and Professor Lanza will officially assume the title of IEEE Fellows, a designation reserved for less than 0.1% of voting members each year. This recognition is a testament to their brilliance and a celebration of the impact of their work within the IEEE community.