Faculty in the Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering Academic Program engage in interdisciplinary research to understand and model hydro- chemo- thermo- mechanical coupled processes in the subsurface, with emphasis on multiphase and reactive fluid flow (oil, gas, brine, water, CO2 and steam).  The program focuses on modern reservoir description, engineering and management.

Current Research Areas include:

​Advanced sensors and tracers fr geophysical characterization
and monitoring
CO2 sequestration
​Enhanced oil recovery
Geothermal energy
​Hydrocarbon recovery
​Hydro-thermo-chemo-mechanical coupled processes
Multiphase and reactive fluid flow in the subsurface
​Novel sensing techniques for reservoir characterization
​Red Sea exploration
​Reservoir simulation
Unconventional reservoir exploration and development
​Well engineering

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KAUST research centers provide outstanding shared facilities to affiliated faculty and their partners.  

Interdisciplinary collaborations between research centers motivate scientific breakthroughs and innovations, inspiring Center researchers to work together to develop disruptive technologies ready for technology transfer to industry.​

Faculty in the Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering Program may affiliate with the Research Centers at KAUST,  particularly  the Physical Science and Engineering Division's Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center:

Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center
Ali I. Al Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC) produces fundamental multidisciplinary research, disruptive technology, and academic and engineering talent to address the world’s pressing energy geo-engineering and science problems. The intended impact of ANPERC’s efforts will include increased hydrocarbon recovery around the world with reduced environmental and economic costs related to reservoir access and production.

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