​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Faculty conduct research on a broad range of topics addressing fundamental questions relating to polymer science, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, mass transport in liquid and gas phases, surface science, and separation science and technology.

Generous and secured research funding frees our faculty and researchers to focus on long-term innovative research ideas and development.

Current Research areas include:

​Chemical Kinetics
​Energy conversion and storage
​Fuel combustion
​Inorganic membranes
​Metal-organic frameworks
​Natural gas separation
​Ordered porous structures
​Polymeric membranes
​Porous materials
​Synthesis and design of polymeric materials

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KAUST research centers provide outstanding shared facilities to affiliated faculty and their partners.  

Interdisciplinary collaborations between research centers motivate scientific breakthroughs and innovations, inspiring Center researchers to work together to develop disruptive technologies ready for technology transfer to industry.​

Faculty in the Chemical Engineering Program may affiliate with the Research Centers at KAUST,  particularly  three of the Physical Science and Engineering Division's Centers:​

Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Center
The Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Center (AMPMC) at KAUST develops novel materials and cutting-edge process technologies that provide solutions to challenges related to industrial separations with a particular focus on energy and water as well as environmental sustainability. Researchers in AMPMC develop membranes and porous materials for separations in the fields of natural gas and petrochemicals, carbon capture, and the production of potable as well as industrial water.

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KAUST Catalysis Center
The KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC) gathers together inorganic, organic, organometallic, polymer and theoretical chemists, reaction engineers, and spectroscopists who take a "catalysis by design" approach to develop homogeneous, heterogeneous, photo- and bio-catalysts for the industrial, agricultural and consumer sectors. Researchers in KCC focus on the design, development and use of catalysts for energy, environment, health and materials applications.

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Clean Combustion Research Center
The activities of the Center span a broad spectrum with both fundamental and goal-oriented research in fuel formulation, fuel diversity and the control of emissions – from internal combustion engines to turbines. CCRC utilizes both experimental and computational tools to develop predictive capabilities for the development of more efficient and less polluting fuels. Projects include the development of innovative combustion processes with cleaner-burning fuels coupled to advanced technologies for their sustainable use with emphasis on ease of production, energy efficiency, and abatement of airborne pollution.

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