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Random Walk to Graphene

Start Date: November 22, 2015
End Date: November 22, 2015

Guest Speaker: Sir Andre Geim

Regius and Royal Society Research Professor, University of Manchester
Awarded 2010 Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work on graphene
Awarded 2000 Ig Nobel Prize for his work on levitation


Graphene – a single plane of carbon atoms – is probably the simplest material one can imagine. On the other hand, graphene has acquired so many superlatives to its name that people started calling it a wonder material. I will discuss how this research started and, then, try to explain why graphene attracts so much attention these days.

Sir Andre Geim is the Regius and Royal Society Research Professor at the University of Manchester. He was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work on graphene, a one-atom-thick material made of carbon. He has also received numerous international awards and distinctions, including medals from the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences, and holds honorary doctorates and professorships from many countries and universities.
Andre Geim was born in Russia to German parents and holds dual Dutch and British citizenship. He started his academic career in Moscow, spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher at the universities of Nottingham, Bath and Copenhagen and then moved to the Netherlands as a tenured professor, before coming to Manchester in 2001.
Thomson-Reuters repeatedly named him among the world’s most active scientists and attributed to him three new research fronts – diamagnetic levitation, gecko tape and graphene. Twenty of his papers were cited >1,000 times with three of them >10,000 times which places the latter among 100 most cited research papers in history. He was also awarded the 2000 Ig Nobel prize for his work on levitation, becoming the first and only recipient of both Nobel and Ig Nobel Prizes. He has also received both Dutch and British knighthoods.


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Date:     Sunday, November 22
Time:     12:00 - 1:30 pm (light refreshments served at 11:30 am)
Venue:   Auditorium, Building 20