Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Prof. Hadjichristidis to give second Sivaram Endowment Lecture

Professor Nikos Hadjichristidis will give the Second Sivaram Endowment Lecture at the bi-annual MACRO Conference.

​Professor Nikos Hadjichristidis, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Science, has been invited to give the Second Sivaran Endowment Lecture.

Organized by The Society for Polymer Science, India, his talk entitled:

C1 and C3 Polymerizations: Ways to Unprecedented Structures

will be given today at 10:45am at the MACRO-2018 Conference in the C.V.Raman Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.

Dr. Sivaram is a polymer chemist, mentor and science manager of distinction. Dr. Sivaram endowment lecture has been instituted by his large family of students, associates, colleagues, mentors and well-wishers from across the world, both from academia and industry. The main objective of this lecture is to popularize polymer science and technology in the country and to inspire young researchers working in the area of chemistry, in general, and polymer science, in particular. The lecture shall be held once in two years during the biannual MACRO conferences held under the auspices of The Society for Polymer Science, India (SPSI). The Lecturer will be encouraged to visit educational institutions in India to interact with young students and inspire them. The Society will strive to invite distinguished scholars from India and abroad to deliver the endowment lecture. His former students and associates, believe that this is the most fitting way to acknowledge the values that Dr. Sivaram has instilled in them, namely pursuit of excellence in scientific research and education, maintaining the high standards of professional integrity and service to the scientific community.

The First Endowment Lecture in 2017 was given by Professor M. Sawamoto, Kyoto University, Japan.