Monday, July 29, 2019

Faculty Promotions 2019

Congratulations to our newly promoted faculty!

​The Physical Science and engineering Division is very pleased to announce their latest faculty promotions.

The KAUST faculty promotion process upholds the universities dedication to academic and professional best practices and our commitment to excellence utilizing global benchmarks for performance.

Achieving a promotion in rank signifies the results of years of academic excellence for KAUST faculty and shows that the faculty member has met the universities rigorous standards and achieved significant accomplishments in their discipline.

"KAUST's faculty promotion process showcases the undeniable quality of our faculty to potential students, potential faculty and collaborators worldwide", said acting Dean Ravi Samtaney.


Professor Bakr's research group at KAUST, the Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory, has been at the forefront of the synthesis, property elucidation, and applications of two major classes of materials: halide perovskites and atomically precise noble metal nanoclusters. His lab currently holds the world record efficiency in single-crystal perovskite solar cells.

Osman Bakr 
Promoted to the rank of Professor, 
Material Science and Engineering



Professor Hoteit's research focuses on developing and validating an integrated data-driven ocean atmosphere modeling system to study and predict the circulation of the Red Sea at various scales. He has established the first assimilative modeling system for the Red Sea, which led to the first high resolution atmospheric and ocean re-analyses for the region.

Ibrahim Hoteit
Promoted to the rank of Professor, 
Earth Science and Engineering


Professor Lai's main area of research is membranes technology where he investigates, at a fundamental level, the relationship between the membrane microstructures and the membrane performance and develops innovative ideas to improve the membrane performance. 
Zhiping Lai

Promoted to the rank of Professor, 
Chemical Engineering


Professor Mohammed is internationally recognized for his expertise in 4D electron microscopy and ultrafast laser spectroscopy. Omar has established a state-of-the-art laser spectroscopy facility, allowing a better understanding of the charge transfer dynamics at the interface of nanocrystals solar cells. 
Omar Mohammed

Promoted to the rank of Associate Professor, 
Chemical Science 


Professor Sun has emerged as an internationally recognized scientific leader in the field of simulation and modelling for porous media flows and algorithm development. His publication indices are indicative of his high impact in the field of porous media simulation. 

Shuyu Sun 
Promoted to the rank of Professor, 
Earth Science and Engineering