Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Congratulations to our Newly Promoted Faculty!

Congratulations to the division’s new full professors: Professor Kazuhiro Takanabe (effective 1 January 2018) Professor Kuo-Wei (Andy) Huang (effective 1 July 2018) and Professor Mohamed Younis (effective 1 July 2018).

Kazuhiro Takanabe
Promoted to the rank of Professor of Chemical Science (effective 1 January 2018).

Professor Takanabe works on the production of solar fuels by solar-energy conversion using newly designed light-sensitive photocatalysts. He also works on reforming hydrocarbons for the development of new catalysts.

​Kuo-Wei (Andy) Huang
Promoted to the rank of Professor of Chemical Science (effective 1 July 2018).

Professor Huang has pioneered the understanding of the role of nonclassical hydrogen bonds in asymmetric organocatalysis that has led to the development of new catalysts and to very important mechanistic studies in the field. 

​Mohammad Younis
Promoted to the rank of Professor of Mechanical Engineering (effective 1 July 2018).

Professor Younis develops innovative concepts for new devices, such as radio-frequency switches of reduced power, combined sensor-actuator devices for the detection of gases, and automatic alarm systems for the detection of falls in the elderly.