27 SepMechanical Engineering Graduate SeminarCharacterization of Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Detonations: Modeling and Simulations
Characterization of Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Detonations: Modeling and Simulations
  • Dr. João Da Cruz Vargas
  • Monday, September 27, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
  • Webinar
2021-09-27T12:002021-09-27T12:30Asia/RiyadhCharacterization of Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Detonations: Modeling and SimulationsWebinarEmmanuelle Sougrat


The validation of detonation simulations against experimental measurements requires engaging in an ensemble of modeling challenges. One of the more recent considerations for detonation modeling is thermal non-equilibrium. Recent works have shown that inclusion of non-equilibrium terms in detonation models have an effect on experimentally measured variables. In simplified terms, thermal equilibrium is the assumption that the gas temperature is a good parameter to describe the thermodynamics of the system. In systems with thermal non-equilibrium this no longer applies necessarily and thermodynamical models need to be adapted to reflect that fact. One possibility for modeling of non-equilibrium effects is the deployment of State-to-State (STS) chemical-kinetic models. This framework of modeling allows for a detailed description of the composition of the gas instead of an assumption of the relationship between gas temperature (or any other variables) and thermodynamics.

In this seminar we will examine what it means for the gas to be in thermal non-equilibrium, what the consequences are for modeling and how the STS framework can improve modeling of detonations.


João Vargas has received both his masters and PhD degrees in Physics Engineering from University of Lisbon in Portugal, completed in November 2020. During his PhD he was a visiting scholar in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the United States. Since June 2021 João is a post-doctoral fellow at KAUST in the group of Professor Deanna Lacoste in the Clean Combustion Research Center. His research focus is on detailed kinetic and radiation models for gases and plasmas.

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  • Emmanuelle Sougrat