07 MarMaterial Science and Engineering Graduate SeminarImaging the Biological World by Electron Microscopy
Imaging the Biological World by Electron Microscopy
  • Prof. Andrea Falqui
  • Professor of Bioscience, KAUST
  • Thursday, March 07, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
  • Auditorium (Room 0215) between building 2 & 3
2019-03-07T12:002019-03-07T13:00Asia/RiyadhImaging the Biological World by Electron MicroscopyMSE Graduate Seminar - MSE 398 - Spring 2019Auditorium (Room 0215) between building 2 & 3Mazen E. Mero

‚ÄčABSTRACT: At a first glance the biological matter looks as the less appropriate to be imaged by electron microscopy. Indeed, it hates the vacuum, is very sensitive to electron beam and with the poorest intrinsic contrast to be imaged by using electrons. However, investigating it by electron microscopy is still a very effective way to gain a lot of information otherwise very difficult to get by other and more respectful imaging techniques. In this seminar I will illustrate how making the biological matter observable by an electron microscope, which kind of information could be revealed and the most recent progresses in a field at the frontier between biology and physics. 

BIOGRAPHY: Andrea Falqui is an Italian associate professor of Bioscience at Kaust BESE division. Actually, he is an experimental physicist who works in the field of electron microscopy, both in transmission and in scanning mode, and who since about ten years cultivated the insane idea to interact with biologists to watch strange objects like suspended DNA, brain, organoids by using electrons. 


  • Mazen E. Mero