11 AprEarth Science and Engineering Graduate SeminarIntelligent Methods in the Earth Sciences
Intelligent Methods in the Earth Sciences
  • Prof. Craig Douglas
  • University of Wyoming, USA
  • Wednesday, April 11, 2018
  • 04:15 PM - 05:15 PM
  • Lecture Hall 1 (2322), Engineering and Science Hall (Building 9)
2018-04-11T16:152018-04-11T17:15Asia/RiyadhIntelligent Methods in the Earth SciencesLecture Hall 1 (2322), Engineering and Science Hall (Building 9)Karema S. Alaseef

​Abstract: In this talk, a collection of problems in Earth Sciences are described and techniques are described to solve them. Of interest are weather prediction, air and water pollution tracking, pipeline modeling, and reservoir simulation. In addition, each of these problems has recently been a candidate for machine learning and other artificial intellentigence techniques. Finally, we relate some of these problems to long standing problems in computer science that are completely unrelated.

Bio: Craig Douglas holds two degrees from the University of Chicago and three graduate level degrees from Yale University. He was affilated with Yale for 34 years. In addition, he held faculty positions at Duke University, the University of Kentucky, and is currently a distinguished professor at the University of Wyoming. His research has included numerical methods for solving partial differential equation, sparse matrix methods, parallel computing, software engineering, and using remote sensor networks to enhance the accuracy of long term running simulations of physical phenomena.

He was part of the KAUST funded Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences (IAMCS), 2008-2014, and was an associate director ofthe Strategic Research Initiative Center on Numerical Porous Media (NUMPOR), 2012-2016. He was a visiting professor at KAUST for a number of semesters during these project periods.


  • Karema S. Alaseef