​Why Study at KAUST?​

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All students receive the benefits of the KAUST Fellowship (the University’s scholarship program):

Full tuition support

Competitive monthly living allowance


Private medical and dental coverage

Relocation support

The Physical Science and Engineering Division offers students the opportunity to study with international scientists at the forefront of their field, many of whom have been honored with prestigious academic awards such as ACS Awards in Polymer Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials. Five of our PSE Faculty are ISI highly cited Researchers.

The Division offers five graduate programs corresponding to the five research programs.

The M.S. degrees have been designed to offer a unified and coherent program for future science leaders interested in pursuing a career in industry.  A minimum of 36 credits are required from a selection of mandatory core courses, short-term research projects, industrial internships and a master’s thesis.

The Ph.D. degree programs prepare students for a research-oriented career in advanced development positions both in academia and industrial research areas.  To obtain a Ph.D. degree, students are required to conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member, culminating in the defense of an original dissertation and publications in top-tier journals or conferences.

Students will be offered modules consisting of lectures, seminars and laboratory classes and will conduct independent research.

Students,  guided by their advisor, may choose courses and specially devised research projects that best suit his/her goals.

Additionally, The PSE Division offers numerous internship opportunities:

Visiting Student Research Program



As well as access to the KAUST Core laboratory facilities our students benefit from access to unrivalled facilities in our Research Centers, for more information see:

KAUST Catalysis Center Facilities

Clean Combustion Research Center Facilities

KAUST Solar Center Facilities

Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Research Center Facilities

Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center Facilities​

Students can also take full advantage of interdisciplinary research opportunities that arise from collaborations across the five PSE Programs, KAUST Divisions and industrial partners.

Through the New Ventures and Entrepreneurship program, KAUST facilitates the flow of research-based technological innovation from idea and discovery to market.

New Ventures Entrepreneurship​​

We prepare our students during their graduate studies by helping them to engage with industry, by enabling and supporting student entrepreneurship and by actively seeking industry placements. KAUST is also a very good place to prepare for an academic career. 

Our students graduate with an extraordinary set of skills, knowledge and experience that together enable them to successfully compete for academic or industrial positions both in the Kingdom and internationally.


All courses are taught in English and students must meet the minimum language requirement: 79 on the TOEFL iBT (internet based test) or 6.0 on the IELTS test.


Office of Admissions

Email: admissions@kaust.edu.sa

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