Chuan Xia Wins Best Poster Award at Singapore MRS Meeting

​Graduate student Chuan Xia has won the best poster award at Singapore Materials Research Society meeting ICMAT 2017.  The award is based on Chuan’s work on developing ternary metal sulfides and selenides for energy storage and conversion applications. Chuan is a member of the Functional Nanomaterials & Devices group and is pursuing a PhD in Material Science & Engineering under the supervision of Prof. HusamAlshareef.   

Ternary Chalcogenides are amazing compounds due to several important features”, says Chuan.
They typically have metal atoms that can exist in multiple oxidation states, so they exhibit high electrochemical activity, which makes them ideal electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage devices.  Further, as Chuan has recently shown (Chem. Mater., 2015, 27 (19), pp 6482–6485), certain compositions of these materials can have metallic conductivity, which means that electrons that are produced during electrochemical reactions can travel very fast in such compounds.  This fact can significantly improve their performance.  Furthermore, many of these compounds are superhydrophilic, which means that they work well in aqueous electrolytes. In addition, they are easy to create unique nanostructures, with large surface area, which is beneficial for electrochemical devices. 

At the Singapore MRS, Chuan was runner up to Singapore MRS graduate student award, and won first place in his symposium for best poster award. He showed that partially replacing Co atoms with Ni atoms of CoSe2 creates solid solutions with high concentration of defects which makes these materials very promising for energy storage and electrocatalysis applications. His work was recently published in Advanced Materials and Advanced Energy Materials.

Chuan is a very hard working and creative PhD student, who has made significant contributions to KAUST.
He has represented us well at various international meetings, and I am really proud of him
said Professor Alshareef.